Bittrex retirara BTG de su exchange ma├▒ana [09.10.2018]

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    Bittrex anunci├│ el pasado 5 de Octubre 2018 que dentro de 1 mes retirar├şan BitcoinGold (BTG) del exchange, llegada la fecha vieron que a├║n hay muchos usuarios que no hay retirado sus monedas del exchange por eso el 07.10.2018 decidieron ampliar la fecha en 48 horas m├ís ( hasta el viernes 09.10.2018).

    Si aun tienes monedas BTG en el Bittrex deberas retirarlas hasta esta noche sino se perderán y no podrás reclamarlas.

    Hay usuarios (como es mi caso) a los que no les lleg├│ el primer email de aviso, por eso reci├ęn se percatan que se retira BTG.


    Email que envio Bittrex:


    As a valued Bittrex customer with Bitcoin Gold (BTG) assets on our platform, we wanted to inform you that we are providing an additional 48 hours for BTG holders to withdrawal their funds from the wallet.

    You have a current balance of 20.9xxxx BTG.

    To keep your BTG assets, you must withdraw your balance before Friday, November 9, 2018. Tokens not withdrawn before this date will be unrecoverable.

    An email was sent to impacted customers on October 5, 2018, stating that the BTG wallet would be retired on November 5, 2018. Given that we noticed a large number of customers have not removed their balances, we are offering a one-time extension.

    Wallet removals are a routine part of our ongoing platform management for performance and operational efficiency. For additional information read the related support article at:ÔÇő

    To withdraw your assets: First, U.S. customers should login to and international customers should login to Next, please click the Wallets link, and then you will need to>search for the impacted token and click the withdrawal icon to open the withdraw dialog. At this time, you will be able to withdraw your balance. If you have any issues withdrawing your balance before the November 9, 2018 deadline, immediately file a support ticket at:

    Please note if your balance is below the minimum withdrawal amount for the wallet, you will not be able to withdrawal it.

    For additional information about this process, review the Bittrex Market and Token Removal Policy support article at:

    Thank you,

    The Bittrex Support Team

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    Bittrex retirara BTG de su exchange ma├▒ana [09.10.2018]

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